Content Management (CMS)

Controlling your content with Wordpress

A Content Management System (or CMS) is a facility that enables the content of a web page to be amended separately from the graphical elements and therefore content editors with only basic computer skills are able to maintain a site’s content.  Various ‘templates’ within the theme of the site provide the flexibility necessary to accommodate the different types of content in each section throughout the site, ensuring on-going updates and additions can be easily managed.

Page content is then entered via an interface not dissimilar to a word processor, enabling the least skilled content editors to apply basic formatting (such as bullets, simple tables, hyper-linking, bold and underlining), but without restricting the more experienced and technically literate users from more sophisticated control.

While we support and maintain a number of CMS platforms, the main CMS platform we use is WordPress.  WordPress is an open source Content Management System, this means that a large number of independent developers within the community are constantly improving the platform and creating additional plugins and extensions. With over 60 million users, it is the largest tool of its kind in the world.  Using WordPress means that you are building on a strong, secure foundation, with a significant proportion of the development time already complete, saving you time and money. Designed as a multi-user, multi-site and multi-lingual environment, makes it the ideal platform upon which to build anything from simple through to complex international sites.

As WordPress experts, we add value to the overall solution by tailoring the look and functionality of the platform to your requirements and integrating any bespoke elements into one seamless site. The potential for integration with other 3rd party software providers is widely supported and the availability of an extensive library of modules and new and improved extensions, means that a broad range of additional functionality is already available. These therefore consistently reduce the overhead involved in keeping a site up-to-date, as well as ensuring it remains secure, robust and in line with your customers’ ever evolving expectations.

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