Social Media

Social Media, whether it’s merely been a blip on your radar readily dismissed as a fad, buzz word or passing phase, or whether you’re a ‘power user’, when it comes to harnessing its power to realise marketing potential, it helps to have some expert advice.

We have specialist in-house Social Networkers, those that have turned a hobby, fascination or addiction into a legitimate business tool! Social Media is great because; it’s free to use (everybody loves that one), it’s direct (so no wastage or scattergun approach here!), it’s harnessing the very real power of ‘The Recommendation Economy’ (whereby people trust other people’s views on things, rather than accepting advertising jargon), it’s immediate, it’s interactive, it engages consumers… we could go on, but we think we’ve made our point.

We can help you to cover all of your social media bases; selecting the appropriate channels, determining voice, tone and strategic alliances, streaming, creating and curating content, scheduling, reporting, monitoring and engaging your audience. Contact us, call 01787 319393 or email: to arrange a consultation.