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Successful ecommerce is founded upon converting browsers into buyers, buyers into big spenders, and big spenders into loyal customers. Our knowledge, skills and experience will help you achieve your objectives, by providing engaging website design, state of the art technology and a fully scalable hosted ecommerce solution.

By working in partnership with you to understand your needs and objectives, we will produce a site design that is unique to you, appropriate to your marketplace. and exceeds the expectations of your customer.

Our strengths lie in our lateral thinking, creativity and robust technology.  Our solutions deliver ongoing value to our customers, help them to achieve their objectives, add value to their customers and ultimately help them to grow their businesses.

We specialise in the development of ecommerce solutions using the Magento platform, the world’s most flexible and feature packed ecommerce platform. Magento is the leading platform for open source ecommerce innovation. Some of the world’s biggest brands love Magento for its flexibility, enabling businesses to adapt and thrive. Globally there are 150,000 developers innovating on the platform, and more than 250,000 merchants selling more online through their Magento stores. Stats say that Magento is the platform of choice for 1 in 4 online businesses, with many well known brands favouring it’s power and flexibility. Familiar Magento platform users include Harvey Nichols, Land Rover, Paperchase, Paul Smith, Bulgari, Liverpool FC, Kurt Geiger, Radley, Fred Perry and The North Face.

It’s scalable and flexible with enterprise-class features and thousands of extensions. Magento is ‘open source’, which means that a large community of developers are constantly creating additional plugins and extensions. The availability of these extensive libraries of modules means that a broad range of additional functionality is already available when required, with new and improved extensions being created all the time. These therefore consistently reduce the overhead involved in keeping the site up-to-date, as well as ensure it remains in line with your customers’ ever evolving expectations.

Building on a platform such as  Magento means that a significant amount of the development groundwork has already been done, and therefore in order to meet your objectives, the requirement is rather to tailor the platform to the look and function in the required manner and to pull together all the various features to work together seamlessly.

We have been building on the Magento platform since 2010. The majority of our ecommerce developments are now undertaken on Magento 2 which was released in November 2015.  Magento 2 has significant improvements on Magento 1 including; new ways to heighten user engagement, smooth navigation, significant performance enhancements including improved page caching, a more streamlined checkout experience, framework improvements and new shopper experience features.  The backend is also responsive for use on tablets and mobiles.

Do get in touch with us to learn more about what the Magento platform can do for you, or to find out how we can help you upgrade your Magento 1 store to Magento 2.

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