Bespoke solutions

For when only an exact solution will do

To deliver the most cost effective solution, we normally look to build your solution based on an existing platform such as Magento or WordPress. However there are occasions when even a tailored solution built on these platforms is not appropriate, in which case, we adopt a bespoke approach to meet your specific requirements.

This approach is especially vital where integration with existing, legacy and 3rd party systems is required, or where data from one or more sources needs to be combined to provide a simple online interface through which your customers, staff or suppliers can view, update and interact with information, request quotations or place orders at a time and place convenient to them.

Our experienced technical team have expertise that spans a wide range of both past and present languages, platforms and databases, therefore enabling us to deliver solutions that integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and data, regardless of your current environment.  We can also assist you with the analysis of your existing environment, the specification and requirements for extracting the necessary data and the warehousing of data so that it can then be augmented with additional data sources to provide the customer with the exact information they require from a single source.

To find out more about how a bespoke site can better meet your needs and objectives, contact us, call us on 01787 319393 or email:

You can view our portfolio of Bespoke sites here.