Giorgio Fedon 1919 Watches

Giorgio Fedon 1919 is an Italian brand that is synonymous with elegance and practicality.  Based on Italian design, they produce a range of office, travel and fashion accessories, leather goods and luxury watches.  All of which are sold from their seven flagship stores across Europe and Asia and via the internet.

What we did
  • Creation of concept designs
  • Magento multi-store setup
  • 6 separate language sites
  • Managed from a single backend
  • Integration with ePay
  • Content collation and management
  • Newsletter Subscriber field
  • Multi-site, Multi-lingual filterable news extension
  • Responsive design

Six separate sites were created for each of the required languages, but all managed from the single backend.  Therefore each site has its own independent content by language, however for simplicity and ease of ongoing management, the same structure is essentially shared by all of the sites.  All backend output including invoices, delivery notes and emails is also specific to each language.  The site then integrates with ePay in order to enable payment via credit and debit using VISA and Mastercard, but also card schemes that are specific to the Nordic countries.

The site is fully responsive to cater for their many mobile customers.